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Nationally acclaimed instructors who have taught at PHMTEC, describe the courses:

  • “The Early Childhood Montessori teacher preparation course at PHMTEC is a high quality, well organized, course that offers comprehensive lecture content while individually engaging each student. The spirit of the Montessori Method at its best surrounds the academic excellence and coverage this course provides.” (Rosanne Amaru)
  • “This is one of the best courses where I have taught.” (Rosario Toward)
  • “The quality is impressive.” (Kathleen Leitch)
  • “The PHMTEC course holds true to Montessori Philosophy; offering hands on learning at every step of the way and respecting the individuality of each student.” (Marta Kellam)
  • “The Infant-Toddler Montessori teacher preparation course is like no other. At its best, the course is a transformational experience for the student. You will never see children, other adults, or yourself in the same way again. The content of this course goes far beyond classroom preparation. We study families and parent support. We consider the “0” in “0 to 3” to be conception, so our study includes pregnancy. The course is a unique opportunity for growth through inspiring lectures, mentoring, writing, relaxation techniques, and development of observation skills. In a world where the littlest citizens are often neglected, we understand and celebrate their miraculous development and huge potential.” (Susan Tracey)

Maria Montessori on Childhood Education

“One would like to know in a few clear words what this Montessori Method really is. We must consider the human personality and not a method of education. For the word “method” we should substitute something like this: ” Help given in order that the human personality may achieve its independence.” Or “Means offered to deliver the human personality from the oppression of age-old prejudices regarding education.”


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What an adult learner said about an instructor:

Dear Catherine,
I wanted to take an opportunity to say "Thank you."  I recently

found myself sharing a Montessori lesson with some colleagues who were
intrigued by the work I am doing with the children.  As I began to
demonstrate the lesson I was immediately reminded of your careful attention
to detail, isolation of movements, and patient-slow fluidity of movement.
In my minds-eye, I was recalling your many lessons and trying to mimic your
style and attention to detail.  A calmness overtook me as I proceeded with
purpose of movement.  I have strived to maintain such integrity and purpose
for every lesson with the children over the past 4 years, and am not
altogether sure why this time the memory of training was so profound.  But
in any case, I am grateful for the memory.  Again, "thank you" for sharing
your passion for Montessori and your experience with children with me.

Greg Shean