Benefits for the Adults

How does this ministry serve adults?

teachersOrthodox faithful are called to serve the Church. Some as Clergy, others lay assistants, youth advisors, choir members, and a variety of volunteer opportunities. Orthodox Christian Spiritual Formation provides another vital ministry, serving the young child and the family. Bringing the faith experience for family discussions, the program builds a life-long relationship between the child, his/her family, and the church. This is one of the central tenants explored in the course.

An adult may choose to become trained in the full course or only the religious segment of the training. The full course provides training which prepares leaders to open a parish school serving three to six year old children, including kindergarten. With over 70% of families now with working parents, preschool-aged children must be cared for, if not with an extended family member, than where are they to go? When offered a quality preschool that celebrates Orthodoxy daily, naturally the family will choose their home parish, as opposed to a secular daycare or preschool. In turn, the church is providing for its families and offering adults a valuable career path serving the church community. The religious segment of the training provides adults all that is necessary to set up a proper weekly program or a home school religious curriculum. During the course, the adults learn much about Orthodoxy, as dogma and Orthodox Tradition are expounded upon throughout the presentations.

Anna Chilcote who has attended OCSF summer courses offered at Hellenic College said, “Before attending the Orthodox Christian Spiritual Formation course, I thought I knew a thing or two about the Faith and children. I knew nothing. Even though the course was only a couple of weeks, I left feeling like a whole new kind of Orthodoxy had been introduced to me. Of course, it was the same Faith as my Baptism, it had just never occurred to me to still myself long enough to see how beautiful it really is.”