Romania Course

It was a privilege and an honor to be invited to Bucharest Romania in order to offer the Orthodox teacher training. Adina Tudorache, the executive director of Casa Montessori arranged for the course to take place.

The materials had all been prepared before my arrival by an adult learner who had completed the online course for Level I, 3-6 year curriculum. The adult learners in the course in Romania were so very open and excited about this work. And their theological backgrounds were astounding. I was awestruck by the general knowledge almost each one had about Orthodoxy.

Great collaboration took place as we explored some of the more sensitive areas of this curriculum. Orthodox Christians have a great respect for the role of the priest. It was good to have the collaboration about certain gestures that we show, or don’t show to the children. All agreed that when it came to sacramental gestures, these need to be reserved for the priest. If we want the children to see these gestures, then we will arrange it with the priest.

After completing the ten day Level I course, I continued on to present an introduction to level II. For two days I was able to work with the elementary teachers. That too was an amazing experience.

Please enjoy the pictures. And note that the figures for the bible stories are the icon figures, but they have not yet been mounted on the wood. Everyone understood that the figures would later be mounted on wood.