How does this ministry serve the Parish?

How does this ministry serve the Parish?

Children experience and grow in their faith while participating in the Children’s Room. As children share their experience parent interest peaks. Some parents, who had stopped coming to church, returned in order to enroll their children in the hands-on style Sunday school. The day school generates income for the parish, as it makes use of classroom space, during the week and community is built as parishioners become involved in the program.

Benefits For The Parish

As adults become involved in building the "children's room" (prepared environment) a sense of community is developed:

  • The teachers
  • The parents
  • The grandparents
  • The carpenters
  • The musician
  • The seamstress, and Many artisans and skills are called forward to help with this work, for the very young children.

People who help with this work learn about the program and become inspired.

It is common to hear from established programs, that church membership and attendance increase after the opening of the "children's room".

  • Adults learn from the children
  • Church attendance increases
  • Church membership increases

Many needs of the young working family are met when the daily model is chosen; an Orthodox Montessori day school for 3-6 year old children.